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Pros: Best quality speakers on the market. The GTO938 Loudspeaker is simply the best sounding speaker money can buy. Overall, they're an easy fit for all cars that are looking to upgrade their car audio sound from factory speakers.
Cons: Might have to upgrade CD-Player or add a small 4 channel amplifier. But other than that not to many complaints you see from previous buyers.

In-Depth Review on the JBL GTO938 Speaker

If you already don’t know JBL car speakers have a very high quality sound to deliver music and clear as possible for your ears. JBL audio is a very reputable brand in the car audio market and always leaving their customers happy with their product. The JBL GTO938 Speakers for cars is one of best-selling speakers currently on the market. You can either get them as 6.5 inch or 6×9 size. However, most people prefer the 6×9 speakers.

JBL GTO938 6×9 3-Ways Speaker

The sound quality and performance these rear speakers put out are among the best of the best. These speakers only need 50 watts per speaker in the rear totaling of 100 watts. The GTO938 6×9 speaker’s downside is its narrow frequency range 45Hz to 21 kHz. With a great high-quality tweet and mid-range driver these speakers are made for performing high quality sound. These are some of the best rear car speakers we have reviewed so far.

One of its main features it’s known for is its 94dB sensitivity, which is extremely high for the rear 6×9 speakers. This is important because it measures how well the speaker responds to the power.
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JBLGTO938 6.5 Inch Speaker

The 6.5 GTO938 front speakers have phenomenal high quality audio sound that catches the ear closely. Having top of the line speaker such as these you will be able to hear all the lyrics that you could not with your previous speakers. It really defines music and how you can hear every little extra guitar note or piano key played.

These speakers have an average power handle of 60watts. They are designed to provide loud and clear lyrics that aren’t distorted like your typical factory speakers. The mid-range sound of these speakers is what they do best to make the sound perfect for your ears.

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Efficiently and Power Handling

The power handling on these speakers is just fantastic. They work well with factory cd players for cars but having a good four channel amplifier will make them sounds 10X better if you get the set of 4. The average car CD player won’t give the full power for best results most of the time. By installing a good multi channel amp to give them for power (WATTS) will make the quality and efficiency a big boost. If you plan on getting a small subwoofer then I would recommend a 5 channel amp for proper power handling for the GTO938 speakers and sub which will need a lot of power to perform.