Best 6.5-Inch Car Speakers

Music has been proven to have many benefits from calming the nerves to making a car trip seem not as long as it actually is. Having the best speakers to enhance the listening experience can have a great impact on the driving, but it’s not easy choosing one, as the market for these products is quite large and can finding the right one for you can take a long time and effort.

The 6.5 inches car speakers are some of the best because they can offer you a clear sound, a little bass, while avoiding distortion. In order to help you determine which is the best 6.5 car speakers for your car and to enhance the listening experience while driving here are some of the best on the market at the present moment: 

Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5-Inch 180-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

best 6.5 car speakersThe Infinity Reference series has had a huge success on the market, designed specifically for those that wish to upgrade their old speakers. However, they can also be used as new speakers as well.

The Infinity speakers come with two ohm voice coils which means that the power will flow easier through the speaker. The fully edge driven domes of the tweeters, which are typically found in the home audio speakers are designed to handle more power and thus, reduce the sound distortion at the high output levels. The Unipivot, which is specific to the Infinity speaker series, is able to direct the tweeter towards the place where the listener is, which also ensures that the speakers offer a uniform response. The rubber exterior of the speaker absorbs all the sound distortions and thus, the audio is clearer.

All in all, this is one of the best 6.5 car speaker is great and definitely worth considering it when checking out new speakers. 

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

There’s no question about the fact that JBL makes some of the best 6.5 car speakers on the market. With over 60 years of experience in this domain, the client is ensured a great quality, despite the fact that the price may be a little bit higher compared to other models of the same type.

First of all, the quality of the speakers something JBL pride themselves about, which is why they conducted lots of tests with the purpose of creating speakers that can withstand high and low temperatures, UV light and extensive vibration. Once the product gets out of the factory, you can be sure that what it is of the highest quality available.

Second, the features it has include an edge driven tweeter of 12 millimeters that create a voice coil similar to the one produced by home audio speakers. The tweet is made up of a blend of Mylar and titanium which means that it’s very light in weight and has a lot of strength, while at the same time, the large voice coil does not allow any distortions in the sound and the power is conducted and handled perfectly.

In conclusion, the JBL GTO638 is one of the best car speakers on the market that guarantees high quality at a reasonable price.

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker – Set of 2

As mentioned beforehand, JBL is one of the trusted brands of speakers on the market. The GTO629, although much more expensive than the regular speakers, comes with a lot of very useful features destined to make the driving experience much more interesting. With larger carbon injected cones and a patented UniPivot tweeter, the bass is a lot more powerful, while the sound is directed at the user and, due to the fact that they are required to be mounted low in the doors of the car, the sound created is a lot more lifelike. This completely transforms the driving and listening experience.

The GTO629 has three ohm speakers of low-impedance which makes the sound clearer and more accurate. The 12db/octave directs the exact sounds specific for each speaker and this enhances the bass and the other sounds to create a perfect harmony.

All in all, although much more expensive than the usual speakers, the JBL GTO629 is definitely worth every penny. 


Listening to music during driving has been proven to have positive effects on the body. It keeps the mind calm and collected and for those that easily get angry in traffic, it can help maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the car. Therefore, choosing the best 6.5 car speakers is crucial and although some of them might be quite expensive, the positive effects they create definitely make them worth it.

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