What’s the Best CD Player for Car?

Not sure what the best car CD player is to buy? No problem, were here to point you in the right direction to have the nicest CD player for your car. Picking a CD player to buy doesn’t involve too much beside the brand, watts, and color or looks. The car CD player is the finishing touch of the sound system of your car. And looks are very important because it’s really the only thin out of a complete system you see. These Car CD players below are some of the best-selling cd players for trucks and cars.

Best CD Player for Car Guide for Buyers

PictureCd PlayerPriceRating
Kenwood KDC-MP145 In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA Receiver with Aux Input$$$4.6
Pioneer DEHX6600BT In-Dash CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver with A2DP Bluetooth, Pandora Link, MIXTRAX, iPod Support and AUX
JVC kdr330 50x4 Car CD Player with Dual Aux Inputs
Dual XD5250 In-Dash CD/CD-RW Car Stereo Receiver with Remote and Front Panel USB Charging Port and Aux Input$$$4.1

Sony CDXGT270MP CD/MP3 Car Stereo Receiver with Front Aux Input

JVC KD-R750 AM/FM CD/USB iPhone/Android Player Car Stereo Receiver Head Unit

KDC-258U - Kenwood Single DIN In-Dash CD/MP3 Stereo Receiver with USB/AUX Input

Types Of In-Dash Cd Players

In-dash CD players come in many different types from sever different audio brands. With the market being flooded by tons of them, it can make your mission harder than it should be. That’s why choosing the right car CD player can be a long task but don’t be worried, we got your back. Your common in-dash cd player, players audio CD’s, AM/FM radio and have some settings to fine tune your music to improve your music experience.

Some more advanced car audio cd players will come with Bluetooth, more total watts, remote and other cool options depending on the one you choose.

Why upgrade the CD player in cars and trucks

It not a must do thing but upgrading the cd player in your car is more common for people who have older cars and don’t have a CD player period. Or, It’s used for people who need more watts to power the door speakers which are usually 6.5 speakers or 6×9 speakers if upgraded. Thus, making this simple upgrade can make a dramatic improvement on sound quality and loudness.

People who also like to install subwoofers and a car amp usually upgrade the CD player. The amps give you more watts to power subwoofers or the best car speakers. Read our article here about 4 channel amps and 5 channel amps and what they are used for if you’re curious.

Reviews on popular Cd Players for Car and trucks brands

When you buy anything you always check the quality of the product correct? You don’t spend your hard work money on something before checking brand, quality and reviews. Especially when buying online it doesn’t hurt to read some reviews from people who have brought the product and tested it themselves.

So say you find a cool Cd player for your car and not sure about the brand. Do your research on the brand or if you on Amazon read some reviews from previous buyers. This can help you get an of the cd player quality so you’re not wasting your time and hard earned money.

Here’a a list of some suggested brand I would recommend check out;

  • Kenwood
  • Dual
  • Pioneer
  • XO Vision
  • JVC

These just are a selected few that come to mind when I think of good good CD player brand. Of course there are several other brands that are high end but for the people who don’t know this should point you in the right direction. Check out some of our Best Double Din Head Unit

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