What is the best high end Car Audio Brands?

For most of us, having the best and most high end car audio brands is a must. If you’re anything like me and love cars then everything has to be perfect and top of the line. I want nothing but the best of everything when it comes to my car audio, radar detector and even my GPS. There are tons of top car audio brands to choose from. There’s not really the “best” car audio brand but there are some that are much better than others.

Best Car Audio Brands Worth Looking At

MTX Audio Products

Founded in 1979, MTX Audio is one of the most popular car audio manufactures in the world. They also specialize in home audio, live sound, and marine products. They are mostly known for car audio such as; best car speakers, subwoofers and amps.  Being such an expert in the field of subwoofers and amps MTX managed to take their selves to the TOP of car audio industry.

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Kicker – Livin’ Loud Products

In 1979, Kicker’s operation started out as a two man, hand crafted car audio speakers in a single car garage. From there, Kicker has gone nothing but up hill and is a car audio brand that definitely sticks out from the rest.  They specialize in subwoofers that give out in creditable bass that really gets the car rockin. Being notorious for their amps and subwoofer specifically, I would say they made a name for themselves. In simpler terms they are one of top car audio brands on the market.

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Pyle Products

Pyle started out creating the leading high end car subwoofers in the 1960’s. Since master the sound quality of their woofers they expanded to more and more audio products to this day. In 2000 Pyle blew up with and really built a solid name for their business with car replacement speakers. Now they are well known for their car audio, marine audio, home audio, professional audio & musical instruments.  Since being in business Pyle has managed to accumulate several awards from their high end car audio products.

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Pioneer Products

When I think of Pioneer, I as well as others think of home audio. Believe it or not, Pioneer makes some really high quality car audio products. They have been around since 1938 and been on top of the audio game since. They make every type of audio product you can imagine and with success too.  Being well- known in the car audio industry with a reputable fan base with nothing but good reviews, should tell you everything you need to know about their products.

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Kenwood Products

Starting in 1946, Kenwood has built a strong foundation for themselves for car audio, personal audio, home audio and many more audio products. They have been very successful with car decks (CD-players) and what they are best known for in the car audio industry. They as well make some great amps and speakers, but there car CD-Players are just phenomenal.

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JBL Audio Products

It’s an American company that was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. They are best known for their car audio Loudspeakers and various other electronics. They have built a great reputation around the car audio industry due to the quality and performance their audio products produce.  We will use the JBL GTO938 speakers for an example. It’s currently one of the top selling 6.5inch and 6×9 car door speakers on the market. When choosing a car audio brand, you can never go wrong with JBL Audio.

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