Motorcycle Helmet Speaker Kits with Bluetooth

Sometime it’s nice to be able to listen to music on a beautiful summer day while riding your motorcycle. Having some motorcycle helmet speakers is always nice to have when on the open road cursing around. There are several helmet speakers you can choose from but not all of them have good quality and are actually worth the money. So we have dedicated this page here to help bikers find the best motorcycle speakers for the money. Without more being said, let’s check out some of the top rated speakers for motorcycle helmets below.

Top Rated Helmet Speakers for Motorcycles

PictureHelmet SpeakersPriceRating

Sena SMH5-02 Bluetooth Headset/Intercom Full-Face Helmet Kit for Scooters and Motorcycles

Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset/Intercom 2- Count

Generic BT interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle helmet intercom Headset 800M rider to pillion

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom Dual Pack

Shark Motorcycle Audios Shkmbt88i Snowmobile Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets Intercom Set (Black)

Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

Having Bluetooth speakers for your motorcycle is always nice to have. Especially those kits that included a mic that allows you to answer you phone while driving down the road. Sometime those emergency calls can happen and don’t want to miss them because you’re riding your motorcycle and can’t hear or answer it because you don’t have the proper gear. These Bluetooth speakers also allow you to connect them directly to your phone or iPod and play music directly into your helmet. So whether you’re looking for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for music or phone calls they do it all. Just make sure the helmet has a mic and just not for music, if you’re looking to be able to talk on a phone as well.

Top Motorcycle Speaker Reviews

Sena SMH5-02 Bluetooth Headset/Intercom Full-Face Helmet Kit for Scooters and Motorcycles

The Sena SMH5-02 is the Ultimate motorcycle helmet speaker kit for being out on the open road. This headset allows you to answer phone calls, listen to music, navigate your GPS by voice and even allows you to talk to the other person on the motorcycle if they have the headset to. It’s the perfect speakers with Bluetooth for motorcycles and can easily connect to your phone.

It’s an easy installation that fits just about all motorcycle helmets. If you’re looking for a simple solution to have motorcycle helmet speakers, then this is the best headset helmet kit for you. All in all, for just under $100 you get a top of line kit with the latest technology to ensure the best sound quality for income and out-going sounds. Not to mention, it’s also on Amazon “Best-Sellers” list and has sold over 250+ and picking up 4.4 stars out of 5.0 by its buyers.

Shark Motorcycle Audios Bluetooth Multi Interphone Headsets

Shark makes some very quality wireless hands free communication that is Bluetooth and virtually connect to any phone with Bluetooth. So whether you’re looking to talk on phone, or the person behind you, or even to listen to your favorite music this motorcycle helmet speaker kits is one of the best for these needs. The Shark motorcycle audio kit comes with a set for two people and allows them to communicate with each other through an intercom up to 500 meter away. It’s a perfect combo for a driver and passenger who are looking to be able to communicate to one another while on the road cursing.

All in all, having these Bluetooth motorcycle speakers can make life much easier while riding your bike. For the price of $99 you get two pair, one for you and one for your passenger.

Wrapping up…

When it comes to choosing a good headset for motorcycle helmets you should always read some reviews. However, in this situation we have done our research on the one’s see on this page. We have read the reviews from customer and checked out the ratings to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here I would suggest checking, where they have hundreds of different headsets and motorcycle speakers with Bluetooth to choose from.

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