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Car Amplifier Wiring Kits – 2, 4, & 8 Gauge Wire Kits

Having the right and best gauge wiring kits is just as important as the amplifier, subwoofer, box, and deck. They call it a call audio system because everything work and rely of each other. Having the recommended amp wiring kit to support the power from amplifier to

2,000 Watt Amp Reviews & Ratings

Having a powerful car audio sound system also requires having a powerful amplifier and wires to get the proper power to your system. Having a 2,000 watt amp is usually more than enough power unless you have some crazy competition subwoofers that sometimes require twice the power

Best Kicker Amps – Top Kicker Amplifiers of 2015

For all you Kicker amps and car audio people there’s nothing better than having a kick car audio system decked out. I’m a big Kicker fan myself and I’m a firm believer they’re produce some of the tip kicker amps, subwoofers and decent door car speakers. For

Reviews on the Best & Top Rated Car Amplifiers

Having the best car amplifier is very important component to complete your car audio sound system. Choosing the right car amplifier will improve the sound quality of your stereo system and overall performance. Thus, having the top car amplifier that fits your speakers and car subwoofer is

Car Audio Capacitor – Top Stereo Capacitors

Looking for the best capacitor for your car? Well it’s always good to have one of these bad boys when you have a powerful bass bumping sound system and makes your lights dim. The last thing you want driving down the road at night time and have

Best 500 Watt Amps – Kicker, Alpine, Kenwood & More!

Having the best 500 watt amp can make the biggest difference in your car sound system. Whether you plan on powering your subwoofer, upgrade car door speakers or even a small subwoofer and all 4 car speakers, it’s all possible by adding a high-powered Alpine 500 watt

Best Multi Channel Amplifier for Car Sound Systems

When having a car audio system more than likely you need multi-channel amplifier to get the recommended power to your speakers and subwoofer. If you lacking power to your car sound system then you’re not getting the sound quality you should be getting. If you have upgrade

Reviews on the best 5 channel amplifiers

Not really sure what is the best 5 channel amp for your car speakers? Picking out a car amp all comes down to the specification of your speakers. 5 channel amps are mostly used to power four car speakers and a single low to medium powered subwoofer.

Best 4 Channel Amps – Four Channel Amplifiers for Car

Four channel amplifiers are designed to power the tradition four car speakers in most cars. Having a good four channel amp allows you to configure each channel on the amp, as well configure a bridge connection. To have the crispy clear music playing throughout your car you