Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Looking for some new and better wakeboard tower speakers for those times you’re out on the water? We are here to help you find some of the best marine wake tower speakers for the money. Marine speakers are specially made for being out on the water and being able to get wet. These types of wakeboard speakers are slightly more than your typical car speakers because they are made for outdoor and are waterproof and can handle just about all weather conditions. Below we have created you a list of some of Amazon Best-Selling and Top Rated wakeboard tower speaker’s money can buy.

The Ultimate Wakeboard Tower Speakers Guide

PictureWake SpeakerPriceRating

Rockford Fosgate M262-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 6-Inch Tower Speaker, White

Pair of Kicker KMMTES Mini Marine Wakeboard Tower Enclosures for 4-Inch Speakers with Billet-Aluminum Construction For Better Durability on The Water

BOSS Audio MRWT8B 700-watt 2 way Marine 8" Waketower

Kicker KMT60 Marine 6.5 "Tower System

MCM Custom Audio 60-10031 8" Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker Pair - Black

Lanzar AQWB65B 1 x 500 Watts 6.5-Inch 2-Way Marine Wake Board Speaker (Black)

MTX TM652WBB 6.5-Inch Wakeboard Speakers (Black)

Tips when choosing wakeboard speakers

It’s important to know a little about your marine stereo system and the speakers that you’re going to be connecting to them. Sometime you will need a marine amplifier depending on how many speakers you have connected and how much power each speakers RMS is. If you already have a marine amplifier and know that power wattage it run, then I would suggest choosing marine speakers that will be a good fit for your amplifier already. However, if you looking to get a new marine amplifier make sure it’s got enough power to run your new wakeboard marine speakers.

If you do plan on buying a marine amplifier for your new wakeboard speakers then you want to make sure you have enough channels for your speakers. For an example, if you have four marine speakers then you would want to buy a 4 channel amplifier to power each speaker on its own channel.

Reviews on the top Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Below we have gone into a little detail on some of the top rated wakeboard speakers to buy. You can click on each speaker for more detailed, information, reviews and price from Amazon.

Boss Audio Mrwt8B 8-Inches Marine Wake Tower Speaker

The Boss Audio Mrwt8B 8-Inches Marine Wake Tower Speakers are made purely for performance, quality, and durability. They are water resistant marine speakers and also are UV protected from the sun. These 8-inch two-way marine speakers have and RMS of 350watts and a peak power handle of 700watts! They are very loud and have ultra-clear sound to ensure you will hear clearly while out on the water. However, due to being one of the best speakers they do come with a pretty big price tag of around $180 each. But the reviews and ratings are nothing but amazing as you can see on Amazon, where it has got a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 which is pretty damn good for speakers.

MCM Custom Audio 60-10031 8″ Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker

MCM manufactures some of the best marine speakers on the market. So if you’re looking for quality wake speakers that are under $100, I would recommend buying some new MCM marine speakers. The MCM Custom Audio 60-10031 8″ Marine Wakeboard Speaker have an RMS of 130watts and max power handling of 260watts. If you read the reviews from people on these speakers here, you don’t see people say anything bad and are actually impress with the sound quality and projection. The only negative thing I found about these speakers was by one individual who complain about the mounting brackets being made cheaply. However, the mounting brackets do come included and haven’t found much about them being made cheaply besides that one reviews I have read.

The Bottom Line

Hope you find what you’re looking for and took your times to check out these wakeboard tower speaker reviews and ratings. These speakers are all on and that’s where I found the positive and negative reviews and also the ratings for each speaker. If you didn’t find the speakers for you, then I would suggest checking out all the Wakeboard Marine Speakers on Amazon here. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you in any way possible.

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