Best Car Speakers For Bass

When buying new speakers for the car, some people look for the ones that provide the best sound quality and the best bass. These are the two main characteristics that define the quality of the speakers and in order to achieve this, many brands use various materials and techniques. However, few manage to do this and sell the speakers at a reasonable price that will make them available to all customers.

The power of the bass depends on the power of the speakers. The more powerful the speakers are the better the bass and the listening experience as a whole. The frequency response is also very important, as well as the sensitivity, because the higher the sensitivity is, the louder the speakers will play.

Although the market is filled with speakers of this kind, I have comprised a list of three of the best car speakers for bass:

Pioneer TSD1602R 6.5 Inch Two-Way Speakers with 260 Watts Max Power

The D-series from Pioneer is one of the most appreciated series of speakers on the market today due to the variety of features they have that allows them to provide the best listening experience for the users.

First of all, as one can notice, these speakers have a power of 260 watts, which is quite high and perfect to create the best bass possible. The speakers come with a full depth basket which is specifically designed for a more powerful bass. At the same time, to ensure that the sound is clear and accurate, the tweeter has a V shape diaphragm and the arch wave guides make sure that the sound is not distorted in any way. This speaker has a 1-1/8” dome tweeter that enhances the listening experience by creating clearer high frequencies, while the 4 ohms, which means that the power flows quite easily to the speakers, making them be steady at the higher levels.

The Pioneer TSD1602R is one of the best speakers for bass on the market and can definitely improve your driving experience.

2) New Kicker 40CS54 5.25″ 225W 2-Way Car Coaxial Speakers Stereo Audio CS54

kicker speakers for bassWith a power of 225 watts, the Kicker 12CS5 is definitely going to improve your listening experience. The bass will be more powerful, while the many other features they come with are able to reproduce a variety of sounds in a clear and accurate manner, with no distortions.

Besides the 225 watts power that reproduce a wide range of sounds, the 45Hz – 20 kHz frequency response makes sure that the sound reproduced is clear and accurate. The polyetherimide dome of the tweeters ensures that the highs are dynamic and crisp, while the polypropylene cone and the foam surround of the woofers ensures a robust audio. The 4 ohms impedance conducts the power easily and makes sure that the speaker is kept at an appropriate level and the 90db sensitivity picks up all the highs and lows of the sounds efficiently.

All in all, the Kicker 12CS5 provides a power of 225 watts and combined with all the other features it comes with, it is one of the best money can buy and will definitely improve and enhance the listening experience.

1 – 5.75″ 3-Way Speakers, 5.75″ 3-way speakers, Multilayer Mica Matrix(TM) cone woofer, TS-A1375R

These 3-Way speakers designed by Pioneer are created, as most popular speakers on the market, to reproduce the sounds accurately and to enhance the listening experience. It comes with many features, the most notable ones being the 300 Watts power, which is one of the highest on the market and the 5-1/4” multilayer mica matrix woofer cone that is designed specifically for the purpose of reproducing an accurate sound and an optimal responsiveness.

The 4-3/4” mounting diameter means that it can be mounted anywhere in the car and the elastic polymer surround make it very light in weight and durable at the time. The speakers have a 4 ohms impedance, which means that the power is conducted evenly so as to maintain the speakers at an appropriate level.

All in all, the Pioneer TSA13575R delivers a staggering 300 watt power and combined with the rest of the features, it is one of the best on the market.


Having the best speakers, both for a perfect bass and for the best sound quality is one of the most important things if you want the listening experience to be mindblowing. If you will choose the best car speakers for bass, you will definitely enjoy the long trips more than you did in the past. Also check out the “best 6×9 car speakers” and “best 6.5″ car speakers” for different car speaker sizes.

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