2,000 Watt Amp Reviews & Ratings

Having a powerful car audio sound system also requires having a powerful amplifier and wires to get the proper power to your system. Having a 2,000 watt amp is usually more than enough power unless you have some crazy competition subwoofers that sometimes require twice the power or even more. However, if you’re just looking for some of the best 2,000 watt amplifiers then you’re in luck. Here we have made a list of some of the top rated and best amplifiers for the money.

Top Rated 2,000 Watt Amplifier Reviews of 2015


Hifonics ZRX2000.4 Car Amplifier

Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000 Watts Peak/1000 Watts RMS Mono Block Class D Car Amplifier With Speaker Level Inputs

Hifonics BRX2000.1D Brutus Vehicle Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

Lanzar OPTI2000D Optidrive 2000 Watt Half Ohm Stable Mono Block Digital Competition Class Amplifier

Soundstream TA1.2000D Tarantula 2000 Watts RMS Mono Amplifier with Bass Knob

Planet Audio AC2000.2 ANARCHY 2000-watts Full Range Class A/B 2 Channel 2 Ohm Stable Amplifier

Lanzar HTG448BT Heritage Series 2000 Watt 4-Channel Mosfet Amplifier with Wireless Bluetooth Interface

How many channels do I need?

People are sometime unsure about how many channels they need for their sound system. There are amplifiers out there that have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 channels. But how many channels are you going to need for your new 2,000 watt car amp? It all depends what you plan on hooking up to your amp. For instance, if you have two 15” subwoofers then would want to get a 2,000 watt 2-channel amp. Now if you just have one HUGE powerful subwoofer that has an RMS of 2,000 watts I would suggest sticking a mono channel amplifier which allows you to connect a single subwoofer.

Reviews on Car Amps (2000 Watts)

Here are more of in-depth reviews on some of the best-selling and top rated amplifiers for cars that are 2,000 watts. Without further due, let’s check out some reviews on the most recommend car amplifiers for the money.

Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000 Watts Peak/1000 Watts RMS Mono Block Class D Car

This is one of the best 2,000 mono channel amps you can buy. Kenwood has been in the car audio industry for a long time and manufacture some of the top head units, subwoofers and amplifiers. The Kenwood KAC-9106D is a mono channel amplifier and can power a single subwoofer with an RMS of 2000watts. It also includes a speaker level input with bass boost.

If you’re looking to power your subwoofer this Kenwood amplifier would most certainly get the job done right. It has a 2,000w peak power and 1,000 RMS which is plenty of power for almost any single subwoofer on the market.

Soundstream TA1.2000D Tarantula 2000 Watts RMS Mono Amplifier with Bass Knob

Soundstream amplifiers are top notch amplifiers and are highly recommended brand I would suggest. They are known to deliver the power and juice for when the subwoofer is about to hit hard. For right around $200 you won’t find a much better mono channel amplifier that delivers consistent power to your subwoofer over and over again. It has a variable 12dB 50Hz bass boost that comes with a dash mounted remote gain control.

All in all, This Soundstream car amplifier is amazing and the clarity is just phenomenal for the price. From reading reviews on Amazon about this amplifier it’s seem overall people are pretty happy about this amplifier in particular.

 The Verdict

When looking for a new amplifier with 2,000 watts you want to be sure to pick a reputable brand that has been around. Buying a cheap amplifier that you never heard of, more than likely it’s not going to last or will over heat when pushing 2,000watts. Having a powerful amplifier like this it’s always safe to spend the few extra dollars on a name brand amplifier like the ones that are listed above. The last thing you want is your amplifier to shit the bed a few weeks because of it over heating or something along those lines. I’m sure you heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”. Don’t be that guy who has amazing subwoofers and a cheap 2000 watt amp that can’t properly power your system.

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